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Hello All Qigong Practitioners!

Modern Practice of an Ancient Health Form and Art.

Want to take control of your own health? The practice of Qigong allows one to do just that. With simple movement, breathing and meditative practices one can harmonize oneself with the environment and create a state of self-healing in which one is empowered and in control of one’s own health. Similar to Tai Chi, Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice in which one takes conscious control of the body’s energy (YIN AND YANG).

With our over 15 years of practical experience, our approach incorporates integrally this practice (body, mind and spirit) with modern research on its health benefits while honouring the respected traditions of proper Qigong practice.

Coming soon North America’s premier web-site for online practice, corporate events, Sports (golf) Qigong and class instruction of Qigong. For more info on the future launching of this web-site and service send us at e-mail at here!

or call 416 554 1912

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