What is the Qi Matrix?

Here is a quote from Dr. Roger Jahnke’s great book the Healing Promise of Qi which I think is excellent. “The extraordinary system for absorbing, circulating, and refining Qi in the body is called the Qi Matrix. The Qi Matrix is a pervasive network, the subtle circuitry of your life force. The channels or pathways of Qi meridians or (Jing Luo) deliver the life force to every part of the body as fuel or resource for every function. The Qi Matrix interfaces with the living physiological matrix. It vitalizes blood, enables nerve conductance, sustains organ activity and provides functional capacity for every cell and tissue in the living process. The bio-energetic interface between the Qi Matrix and the physiological matrix is emerging as a key area of twenty-first century science.”

The modern science of biophysics and cell biology are confirming such systems which the ancient Daoists knew intuitively. Gravity, cosmic rays and the energetic frequencies of the sun are now a reality. This would be called Heaven energy by the Daoists and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Equally potent of course is the magnetic energy from the earth – the Qi of the earth. Traditionally the Qi of Heaven was thought to reside in the energy reservoirs (Dan Tien) of the upper body or head and the Qi of Earth to reside in the lower abdominal area (Dan Tien) and to influence the lower body. These two energies link together by way of the Central Channel or Tai Chi Channel which as well as being the root of the name for the well-known internal martial  Tai Chi Chuan was originally the name the Daoists created to explain the origins of the universe and the foundation of all life. The Central Channel corresponds in western culture to the spinal column and the flow of blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid and neurological activity

The interaction between Heaven and Earth (yin and Yang) is the basis of Chinese Medicine and the practice of Qigong. The life forces of water air and sun are some of these life forces. The goal in Qigong is to work with and maximize the dynamic interaction of these two forces reducing inner resistance to create optimal Qi circulation – flow. With Qigong we cultivate and enhance the Qi intentionally making it the ultimate self-directed healing system. We use Mind Intention to improve our own health!

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