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Is Bio-energy Qi (chi) ?

What causes the heart beat and the flow of blood through the veins and arteries? William Einthoven a dutch physician in and around 1906 discovered that an electrical charge builds up in the heart and discharges – causing heart beat and blood flow one small portion of a very complex internal bio-electric circuitry.

Recently Dr. Robert Becker, author of the Body Electric, found a perineural control system corresponding to the acupuncture points in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at high conductance areas of the body. Continue reading



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Qigong Rap anyone? What will they think of next?

Dr. Love performs his Qigong rap this really quite funny!


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The Science of the Mind Body Connection!

One of the most dramatic breakthroughs in the physiological domain is the simple effect of the mind mediated through the nervous system to influence the functioning of the immune, endocrine and other systems. In the 1940’s through to now a huge amount of research has been done demonstrating  the incredible power of stress and mood, states of the psyche, on health and disease. The minds effect on immunity, pyschoneuroimmunlogy. got the most attention but the effect of the mind on the heart was also important (psycho-neurocardiology).

As new research came in it became clear that the mind body practices of Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi were quite effective in influencing these moods. The ancients had found practical ways to accomplish this carefully refined over centuries creating homeostasis and balance consciously in the human body. Continue reading

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The Illuminating Light of Science on Qi!

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That which is looked upon by one generation
as the apex of human knowledge
is often considered an absurdity in the next,
and what is regarded as a superstition in one century,
may form the basis of science for the following one!
–Paracelsus, sixteenth-century European Alchemist

I am starting this discussion on the latest info about the spectrum of equivalents for Qi in the Western View.
Scientific Domain        Qi Equivalent                                               Three Treasures
Physiology                   Structure and Chemistry                                      Jing
Bio-energy                   Internal energies-ions                                          Qi
Bio-field                       Field of energy-magnetic and light                    Qi
Quantum                      Limitless information and consciousness        Shen

There is now pretty convincing evidence that Qi may be the element that organizes all of our bodily functions into a coherent and integrated expression of health and vitality. For decades now we have been aware that there are dynamic relationships between the nervous system and the organ systems, but the level of complexity that science is now recognizing is really astounding. This is leading to research into the effects of intentionally enhancing coherence of these systems through the use of imagery and Qigong practice. Continue reading

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