Qigong Rap anyone? What will they think of next?

Dr. Love performs his Qigong rap this really quite funny!


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7 responses to “Qigong Rap anyone? What will they think of next?

  1. What a fun video! Dr. Love did a fabulous job

    • Yes very cool but I can’t help wondering if this is actually demeaning to the Practice.

      • It isn’t classical by any means, but I believe what he is trying to do is inspire people to move rather than create a new style of qigong. His video is a good way to get a foot in the door with people that might otherwise be lethargic. From there, he can inspire them with additional healthy options.

      • I think you are right anything that raises the profile of these lesser known healing arts should be encouraged! Hopefully people will think of recharging a little with some very valuable health practice!

  2. Is this guy for real? Now I must say, I teach “turbo tai chi” and “qi dancing” (which I am told they do in Shanghai) at a major university. So this made me laugh. Fun1

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