Is water the connection between the living matrix and the Qi Matrix?

The living matrix is approximately 70 percent water (a possible correlate of the Qi Matrix). This water is infused with electro-conductive metals such as iron, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium even silver and gold. Our electrical bodies use these metals for conductance. When we move adjusting posture gently we balance and harmonize this internal water within the matrix – the water filled tissues and passageways of the body. This internal water system is propelled and circulated when we deepen the breath, contract the muscles and relax. Water is possibly the bridge between the physical and energetic domains in the human system possibly the interface between the living matrix and the Qi Matrix!
The connective tissue in the body is like a woven fabric infused with water surrounding the body like a jumpsuit. This fascia holds everything from muscles to organs in place. This living infused fascia forms structures that transmit electricity which creates magnetic fields.

This water is at the same time cleansing you internally carrying away metabolic waste and delivering immune cells to their destinations. Lots of clean pure water is like taking the greatest of medicines. Let’s call it the universal elixir. In addition pure water is produced from every cell as it expends energy. Oxygen plus glucose with ATP (adenine triphosphate) yields ergs (biological energy) carbon dioxide and water. This water becomes the conductor for internal bio-electric energy.


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2 responses to “Is water the connection between the living matrix and the Qi Matrix?

  1. Amanda

    how do you practise to become healthy?

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