How is Energy or Qi moved through the Body?

One of the ways is through the CT or connective tissue. The Connective Tissue in the Body is pervasive.This subtle extremely strong tissue which resembles silk sometimes in sheets sometimes like cables and also surrounding the muscles is called the myo-fascial layer and is everywhere in the body. The nerves are surrounded by this in the perinural connective tissue also the blood vessels (perivascular CT), the lymphatic system (perilymphatic CT) as well as the bones (periosteum). It functionally holds everything in place. It is infused with that highly conductive internal water (conducting electrical impulses) that I spoke about in my last post and is arranged in a framework that is recognized as a liquid crystal lattice.

Not only does it conduct energy but it also generates it. It is a semiconducting communication system that can carry signals between every part of the body and every other part. Each movement each compression of the body causes this crystalline lattice to generate bio-electronic signals. Every movement of the body and particularly that of mind directed practices like Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga etc., these highly evolved healing practices for self empowerment, create and circulate energy and information in both this structural living matrix and the Qi Matrix!

All of this is enhanced in it’s function through the practice of all of the components of Qigong and or Tai Chi and other internal arts – breath, posture, movement, relaxation and even self massage.


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