The Powers of the Universe – How does this relate to Qigong? Part 2

Here is part 2 of this recent post!

Cataclysm or the destructive process by which new emergence is established is in nature and is a necessary process. I think related to Qigong this is what is going on when we don’t feel well. The body is letting us know that there is a necessary state of imbalance that needs to be addressed and allows for the re-establishment of health by way of vibrant creativity. In more advanced Qigong practice we find ways of being highly attuned to this process in order to adjust what is necessary to stay in a state of balance.

What is Synergy? In biology it is all collaborative associations that arrive together to create more success. A great example of this is how protons and neutrons when brought into collaboration support each other and can survive for billions of years, whereas they would quickly disintegrate without this relationship. To me in Qigong this is like our community in which there is our teacher student relationship in which collaboration and mutual respect is honored as well as student to student relationships, which should operate along the same lines. This would represent outward relationship and synergy but also we are promoting internally synergy and relationship between the different systems in the body cooperating and working as a whole.

Transmutation is the next power and to me represents one of the ultimate goals of Qigong, It is closely related to the next power Transformation, an interconnected and self amplifying dynamic of self transcendence. This is what the Daoists would call becoming an immortal and union  with the Dao or ultimate Ground of Pure Awareness.

The power of Integrity an connectivity Is the power of Interrelatedness or could be called Wholeness. In my own practice this is one of the realizations that has struck me the most and is one of the results of diligence of practice. Realizing that each being in the universe is connected in some mysterious or not so mysterious way. Our existence is dependent for example on tiny organisms in the Oceans of this great planet. From the inside this could be viewed as compassion!

And finally we come to Radiance. Even the coldest and tiniest hydrogen atoms are happily giving birth to and releasing photons of light every instant. The universe cannot contain the magnificence it houses. This may be the final goal of all meditative practice the ability to radiate the light and joy of life through our practice of the Art and Science of Qigong!

Finally in my opinion Qigong is really all about blending and using the Powers of the Universe to become more whole as humans!

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One response to “The Powers of the Universe – How does this relate to Qigong? Part 2

  1. I look at qi gong as a powerful way to raise vibration!

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