Standing Like a Tree! What is this Standing Practice?

Zhan Zhuang Standing Practice

Timothy Booth in the first Standing Meditation Posture

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of standing practice and it came to mind to write an article on what exactly is standing practice (Zhan Zhuang). This is definitely one of the greatest gifts from the internal practices. So simple and yet so powerful. It is a way of developing better balance and alignment, stronger legs and waist, deeper respiration, accurate body mindfulness and tranquility. In “Standing Post” (Zhan Zhuang) one meditates while standing holding certain prescribed postures observing the natural flow of the breath what could be simpler and yet  profound in more advance practice. There are several advantages to this over seated meditation in that the mind will remain more alert and one is likely to lose balance if one is not alert. The feet and legs are naturally open and extended promoting free blood circulation and actually improving blood circulation.


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4 responses to “Standing Like a Tree! What is this Standing Practice?

  1. It sounds like this is along the same lines as our sanchin and tenshoa katas in Goju. Dynamic tension, deep ‘ibuki’ breathing, solid chi stances which root into the ground. In sanchin kata we use hard and fast hand movements and in tenshoa we use soft and flowing open hand movements. By practicing both kata back to back we harness the best of both worlds. This is a very self rejuvenating internal exercise that promotes blood flow and oxygen to the blood.

  2. Hi Andrew!
    Yes this sounds similar, although in this practice there is no tension in fact all tension is to avoided and we use only the amount of muscle strength that is required to hold these postures. If “ibuki” breathing is very deep even and slow then it is definitely the same or similar. The rejuvenating aspect by promoting blood flow and oxygenation of the blood is the same.

  3. Robert Dale Booth

    I am curious to know what your meditation subject / object is while doing the Standing Like A Tree. Is it simply clearing the mind by focusing on the breath?

  4. Yes clearing the mind focus on deep abdominal breathing, not consciously slowing the breath just allowing this to happen naturally.

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