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LFIAA Rising Hands Qigong ( Shang Shou Gong)

LFIAA Under Technical Director Keith Ewers

There are many individuals who would like to learn some form of qigong exercise to help them maintain whole body flexibility, relaxation, balance, co-ordination and concentration. But above all to help them develop good health and fitness. As we all will get older and we will all need to do some type of self maintenance and the practice of qigong is a great place to start.
The Rising Hands Qigong exercise originates out of the traditional Wild Goose qigong system which is over 1700yrs old. It can be performed both from a static standing or sitting position, it can also be performed as a walking qigong exercise moving in a linear or circular direction. The Rising Hands qigong exercise helps to create a smooth flow of internal energy from the upper dantian ( heavenly elixir centre) through the middle dantian and down into the lower dantian and back upwards.

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Reasons Why You Should Stretch


images-1Stretching is a very important and often misunderstood practice.  Athletes stretch before games, yoga classes are built around this concept, and sometimes older people can be seen doing this in the park.  Everyday people don’t conceive that stretching is important or something that they should do.

There are some very important benefits to stretching and let me attempt to convince you that you too should stretch daily.

  1. Stretching prevents injury.  Our muscles have proper length tension relationships that ensure their proper function and reactivity.  Daily activities necessary for modern survival alter these relationships.  Sitting hunched over at a desk tightens the hips and hamstrings, creates anterior pelvic tilt compromising the low back, shortens the muscles of the chest, and lengthens the muscles of the upper back.  Our ancestors did not encounter these problems because they led a much more mobile lifestyle.  They hunted, gathered fruits and berries, and when they…

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Tai Chi Pragmatics :: Becoming Ourselves


Qi GongWe are aligning ourselves with the great cycles or change, and, in doing so, freeing ourselves from the tyranny of time and the limitations of life. We are setting ourselves free so we can soar like the butterfly and flow like the water that was so beloved by the ancient Taoist sages. In the end, we are practiced by our Qi Gong as much as we practice it. One breath at a time, one movement at a time, one moment at a time.

Solala Towler

flowing water

We are vibrationally resonant beings. We slide into synchronicity with each other and the Earth. Having done that in a symphonic sense, we reach out to sense and synch with extraterrestrial energies – the racing of the sun and moon around our skies, the sweep of tides, the slow pulsing heart beat of the whole Earth warming and expanding on the day-lit side…

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How To Become More Sensitive To Subtle Energies:

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Daily Digital Mandala 230

Daily Digital Mandala

Daily Digital Mandala 230“I cannot do everything, but I can do something. I must not fail to do the something that I can do.”

~Helen Keller

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Book Review: T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Meditation by Da Liu

道场 Dào·Chǎng

$T2eC16NHJHgE9n0yEi3MBRW7I-Q0(Q~~_35T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Meditation by Da Liu explores the historical origins of taijiquan and explains its connection to other methods of meditation. Da Liu also details taijiquan as an exercise in qigong (i.e. meditation aimed at generating and circulating energy in the body) and provides some introductory qigong meditation exercises. In writing this review I thought I would look up some biographical information on Da Liu, but found scant biographical details on the web. The short version seems to be that Da Liu immigrated to the United States and began teaching in 1954 after having studied both Sun and Yang style taijiquan in China, as well as possibly qigong from the famed elder Li Ching-Yuen. This book is an excellent introductory text to some very deep and detailed topics in taijiquan and meditation. I especially liked the clarity of the first two chapters detailing some concepts in Chinese cosmology…

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