Book Review: T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Meditation by Da Liu

道场 Dào·Chǎng

$T2eC16NHJHgE9n0yEi3MBRW7I-Q0(Q~~_35T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Meditation by Da Liu explores the historical origins of taijiquan and explains its connection to other methods of meditation. Da Liu also details taijiquan as an exercise in qigong (i.e. meditation aimed at generating and circulating energy in the body) and provides some introductory qigong meditation exercises. In writing this review I thought I would look up some biographical information on Da Liu, but found scant biographical details on the web. The short version seems to be that Da Liu immigrated to the United States and began teaching in 1954 after having studied both Sun and Yang style taijiquan in China, as well as possibly qigong from the famed elder Li Ching-Yuen. This book is an excellent introductory text to some very deep and detailed topics in taijiquan and meditation. I especially liked the clarity of the first two chapters detailing some concepts in Chinese cosmology…

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