Reasons Why You Should Stretch


images-1Stretching is a very important and often misunderstood practice.  Athletes stretch before games, yoga classes are built around this concept, and sometimes older people can be seen doing this in the park.  Everyday people don’t conceive that stretching is important or something that they should do.

There are some very important benefits to stretching and let me attempt to convince you that you too should stretch daily.

  1. Stretching prevents injury.  Our muscles have proper length tension relationships that ensure their proper function and reactivity.  Daily activities necessary for modern survival alter these relationships.  Sitting hunched over at a desk tightens the hips and hamstrings, creates anterior pelvic tilt compromising the low back, shortens the muscles of the chest, and lengthens the muscles of the upper back.  Our ancestors did not encounter these problems because they led a much more mobile lifestyle.  They hunted, gathered fruits and berries, and when they…

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