Tai Chi Pragmatics :: Becoming Ourselves


Qi GongWe are aligning ourselves with the great cycles or change, and, in doing so, freeing ourselves from the tyranny of time and the limitations of life. We are setting ourselves free so we can soar like the butterfly and flow like the water that was so beloved by the ancient Taoist sages. In the end, we are practiced by our Qi Gong as much as we practice it. One breath at a time, one movement at a time, one moment at a time.

Solala Towler

flowing water

We are vibrationally resonant beings. We slide into synchronicity with each other and the Earth. Having done that in a symphonic sense, we reach out to sense and synch with extraterrestrial energies – the racing of the sun and moon around our skies, the sweep of tides, the slow pulsing heart beat of the whole Earth warming and expanding on the day-lit side…

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