LFIAA Rising Hands Qigong ( Shang Shou Gong)

LFIAA Under Technical Director Keith Ewers

There are many individuals who would like to learn some form of qigong exercise to help them maintain whole body flexibility, relaxation, balance, co-ordination and concentration. But above all to help them develop good health and fitness. As we all will get older and we will all need to do some type of self maintenance and the practice of qigong is a great place to start.
The Rising Hands Qigong exercise originates out of the traditional Wild Goose qigong system which is over 1700yrs old. It can be performed both from a static standing or sitting position, it can also be performed as a walking qigong exercise moving in a linear or circular direction. The Rising Hands qigong exercise helps to create a smooth flow of internal energy from the upper dantian ( heavenly elixir centre) through the middle dantian and down into the lower dantian and back upwards.

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